FAQ's About Raccoon Removal

  1. What animals, insects, birds, or reptiles do you control?

    We are a full-service company providing general animal, bird, or reptile control.

  2. What types of animals, birds or reptiles do you not service?

    We service all wild animals, Rabid Raccoon pigeons, reptiles and rodents. We do not provide trapping services for big game animals (ex. deer, elk, cougars, mountain lions, eagles, hawks, etc.) For these animals, we only provide control services to keep them off your property. This is done using exclusionary fencing, blocking, hardware cloth, repairs, etc.

  3. What cities and states do you service?

    We and our affiliates service cities nationwide, exclusively utilizing professional trappers or wild animal control operators. We also provide coaching services where service techs are not available. We utilize the telephone, call conferencing, and digital pictures sent over the Internet to see your animal problem and discuss the solution. Wherever you are, we can send animal control products, humane traps, and bird and animal repellants.

  4. Will you pick up a dead or injured animal?

    Yes, we will pick up dead or injured animals. However, we do charge fees for any animals removed or picked up.

  5. Do you provide animal control services for domesticated dogs or cats?

    Unfortunately, injured birds, animals, or reptiles normally don’t survive. If you would like to hire us to rehabilitate the bird, animal or reptile, we would be happy to try to help you locate an animal rehabilitation service in your local area. Once again, contact your local animal control for rehab services.

  6. I’ve found a lost baby animal. Can you help me find its mother?

    It’s best if you leave wildlife where you find it untouched, so that the mother can retrieve her offspring.